Granite Selections

Deco Stone and Deco Quartz offer one of the largest granite selections of Countertops in South Florida.

We own our own Quarries. We are engage only in ethical sourcing.

Our Granite Countertops are of the highest quality. We do not compromise. We care about the environment. Our tops are not patched with epoxy to cover imperfections.

If you are looking for the best quality Granite Countertops, look no further than Deco Stone and Deco Quartz. No matter what you are looking for, we have the right color for your kitchen countertop

Here is a short list of the granite selections

Angola Black Granite (3/4)
Angola Black Leather Finish Granite (3/4)Granite selections
Bianco Antico -3/4 Inches
Black Absolute Granite 3/4 Inch
Black Galaxy Granite 3/4 Inch
Black San Gabriel Granite 3/4 Inch
Blue Bahia Granite 3/4 Inch
Brazilian White Granite – 3/4 Inch
Delicatus Gold Granite 3/4 Inch
Emerald Pearl Granite 3/4 Inch
French White Granite (PG)- 3/4 Inch
Giallo Beach Granite
Giallo Fiorito Granite 3/4 Inch
Giallo Maracana Granite
Giallo Nuova Granite -11/4
Giallo Nuova Granite 3/4 Inch
Giallo Ornamental Granite (3/4)
Green Butterfly Granite 3/4 Inch
Green Ubatuba Granite 3/4 Inch
Ipanema Beige Granite (3/4)
Lapidus Tiger Granite
Marfim White Granite
Marfim White Granite -11/4 Inch
Mont Blanc Granite(3/4)